If you are working with multi-lingual drawings you are aware of the challenges of translating and creating drawings with multilingual headers and instructual text within SOLIDWORKS.

We are now able to offer you an addition called "LANDMAN" (Language- drawing- manager), which has the capacity to change, with the push of a button, drawings into a desired language.
German and English are the standard languages, but the program is expandable into other languages on demand.
SOLIDWORKS menu options are fully integrated to give you the option to choose a word or text block and place it anywhere in the drawing.

Should the need arise to change to another language, LANDMAN will search the active SOLIDWORKS drawing and will compare the words or text blocks in the dictionary database, and will exchange the text on the drawing automatically.

The headers of the drawing will of course be included, and you do have the option to translate only individual words or text blocks. Alsousedas afloating version.

  • 100% compatible with SOLIDWORKS

  • Defined text and text blocks stored in a central database

  • Contents of the dictionary can be expanded and maintained

  • Free definable labels and text blocks in drawing

  • Uniform translation texts and definitions database

  • Practically unlimited number of different languages

  • By pressing a button the language in the header and text blocks

  • Only a centralized SOLIDWORKS drawing with multilingual use

  • English interface

  • Usable with a PDM - system

  • available as an Floating


LANDMAN is available to SOLIDWORKS  2009 -  2016.